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St Mary's Primary School, Cabragh

Primary 6 Hive Hackers

25th Oct 2017

The P6s recently finished their ‘Hive Hackers’ program. This was a seven-week course, led by Narelle from PwC, where the children studied computer coding. Last week the children worked together to create a ‘Flappy Bird’ game. They had to decide on characters, settings, obstacles, speed, sounds and what would happen in different situations, for example if a character hit an obstacle. When all this was decided, the children then had to code this into the computer to bring their game to life. Click on the links below to play the children’s games – what is the highest score you can get?


Calla and Maria


Caitlin-Rose and Chloe


Callum McW and Odhran


Callum M and Jack


James, Aaron and Oisin


Killian and Nathan


Kristen and Aoife


Kyla-Rose, Aine and Olivia


Kyra and Katie


Ryan, Dylan and Rory


Serena and Sophie-Ellen


Callum W and Liam


Sean McL


Eoin and Sean Q